Fixed segfault issue which did occur in partial_argsort() when the n_elements argument was larger than the length of the input vector. In order to ensure equivalence with order(x, decreasing = TRUE)[1:n_elements], the additional elements, if any, are padded at the end of the answer as NA values.

Added citation to the csdR article which is now printed.

Made it explicit in the documentation that missing values are not allows and wrote a test for this case.

Made some minor modifications to the README and the vignette.

  • Bugfix: Open MP was not working correctly because of missing compiler flags. For this reason, the Makevars file has been created.
  • Calculation of column ranks now uses matrixStats::colRanks instead of an apply statement with base::rank.
  • Added a file to track changes to the package. This is the first public version of the package.